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Years in the industry 

The Company was incorporated in the year 1990 and was a pioneer in revolutionizing the concept of ‘Electronic Weighing Scale’ (EWS) in India. 

The company began as Atco Industries Limited, with only 2 models - one in the retail segment & the other in the industrial segment. The thumping response led to the development of an entire range of Electronic Weighing Scales with weighing capacities from 1 mg to 100 tones. Soon, the name ‘ATCO’ became synonymous with Electronic Weighing Scales and the Company reached the #1 position in terms of number of installations and image, making it the undisputed Market Leader.

The company then diversified into packaged drinking water and IT and software.It was also awarded ‘A’ category ISP license for providing connectivity and had set-up a State-of-the-Art IT Development Center & Data Center at Vikhroli, Mumbai.

Despite some struggles in the past years, the company has now come back into its original businesses of weighing machines, packaged drinking water and software. 

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